UK Public Bus Runs on Human and Household Waste

Jonathan Schoenfeld
March 19, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) BioBus, Britain’s first bio-methan powered bus, will officially go into service on March 25th. The unorthodox poo-powered bus made its first appearance last last year running  between Bath and Bristol airport.

The bio-methane gas uses waste from more than 32,000 homes on its new 15 mile route. Using waste as a form of fuel is far more efficient than just finding a place to dump it.

Operations are lead by First West of England. The bus is filled up at a station in Avonmouth – in the city of Bristol – where sewage and waste are converted into usable bio-methane gas.

Depending on the success of the operation, the company will consider introducing more buses on public streets. The managing director, James Freeman, said:

“Since its original unveiling last year, the Bio-Bus has generated worldwide attention and so it’s our great privilege to bring it to the city… The very fact that it’s running in the city should help to open up a serious debate about how buses are best fuelled, and what is good for the environment.”

BioBus and the technology behind it is definitely giving a new meaning to the phrase “ones mans junk is another man’s treasure.”

Check out the video below for more insight:

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